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Wind out Hoop Tarps

Front to back opening tarp system that can be operated manually from ground level using either belt or chain drive via a handle or driven using an electric motor.

The tarps are supported by a series of bows fitted to bow supports that slide along the top rail and held in position by cables.

350mm Curved bows are standard, however 150mm, 450mm Curved bows and Demolition bows 350mm and 450mm in height can be supplied

Wind out Hoop Tarps are normally made from 90% Monofilament Mesh and are ideal for quarry and general applications. Heavy duty ‘Ripstop’ Canvas can also be used.

Water resistant tarps which extend over long support blocks can be made from heavy duty ‘Ripstop’ PVC fabric.

Flame retardant Canvas is an option for heat resistant applications such as asphalt.


Parts List / Measurements

Wind out Hoop Tarps

Below is a parts listing for our Wind out Hoop Tarps range.

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Measurement Downloads

If you aren't sure of your requirements, please download these measuring forms:

  • HT.HAB

    Handle Assembley Belt Drive

  • HT.HAC

    Handle Assembley Chain Drive

  • HT.H

    Handle (with grip, spring, nuts)


    Rear Pully Assembley STANDARD


    Rear Pully Assembley COMPACT

  • HT.RPA

    Rear Pully Repair Kit

  • HT.PV3.5

    Pully V Belt Taper Lock 3 1/2"

  • HT.PW100

    Pully Wire Rope 100mm Taper Lock

  • HT.PW150

    Pully Wire Rope 150mm Taper Lock

  • HT.PW200

    Pully Wire Rope 200mm Taper Lock

  • HT.S32

    Sprocket and Taper Lock (new style) 32T

  • HT.S21

    Sprocket and Taper Lock (new style) 21T

  • HT.CHS

    Chain 08B 10' Box


    Chain 08B Stainless 10' Box

  • HT.BS

    Block Standard

  • HT.BL

    Blocks ( Lusty Bow support)

  • HT.BC

    Block Curved Bow

  • HT.BCB

    Block Bracket Curved Bow

  • HT.BL

    Block Long Front

  • HT.BLB

    Block Long Bracket Front

  • HT.BLP

    Block Long Front with Pully

  • HT.BLS

    Block Long Angle


    Block Long Angle Bracket


    Block Long Angled Double Bow Bracket

  • HT. SBL

    Safety Locking Bracket (Long)

  • HT.SBS

    Safety Locking Bracket (Short)


    Rear Cable Plate Bottom Join (double)


    Rear Cable Plate Top Join

  • HT.B150

    Bow 150mm

  • HT.B350

    Bow 350mm

  • HT.B450

    Bow 450mm

  • HT.B450D

    Bow 450mm DEMO

  • HT.B350D

    Bow 350mm DEMO

  • HT.SS

    Shaft 304 Stainless 2500

  • HT.SL

    Shaft 304 Stainless 2550

  • HT.SSP

    Shaft 304 Stainless (split)

  • HT.PHB

    Pillow Housing and Bearing

  • HT.C6

    6mm Gal Cable (per m)

  • HT.C6WG

    Wire Rope Grips

  • HT.BAS

    Cable Brackets (anti slap)

  • HT.MCC

    Mounting Channel (with bolts)

  • HT.MBB

    Mounting Bracket Front Bow

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