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Wind out Hoop Tarps

Below is a parts listing for our Wind out Hoop Tarps range.

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Measurement Downloads

If you aren't sure of your requirements, please download these measuring forms:

  • HT.HAB

    Handle Assembley Belt Drive

  • HT.HAC

    Handle Assembley Chain Drive

  • HT.H

    Handle (with grip, spring, nuts)


    Rear Pully Assembley STANDARD


    Rear Pully Assembley COMPACT

  • HT.RPA

    Rear Pully Repair Kit

  • HT.PV3.5

    Pully V Belt Taper Lock 3 1/2"

  • HT.PW100

    Pully Wire Rope 100mm Taper Lock

  • HT.PW150

    Pully Wire Rope 150mm Taper Lock

  • HT.PW200

    Pully Wire Rope 200mm Taper Lock

  • HT.S32

    Sprocket and Taper Lock (new style) 32T

  • HT.S21

    Sprocket and Taper Lock (new style) 21T

  • HT.CHS

    Chain 08B 10' Box


    Chain 08B Stainless 10' Box

  • HT.BS

    Block Standard

  • HT.BL

    Blocks ( Lusty Bow support)

  • HT.BC

    Block Curved Bow

  • HT.BCB

    Block Bracket Curved Bow

  • HT.BL

    Block Long Front

  • HT.BLB

    Block Long Bracket Front

  • HT.BLP

    Block Long Front with Pully

  • HT.BLS

    Block Long Angle


    Block Long Angle Bracket


    Block Long Angled Double Bow Bracket

  • HT. SBL

    Safety Locking Bracket (Long)

  • HT.SBS

    Safety Locking Bracket (Short)


    Rear Cable Plate Bottom Join (double)


    Rear Cable Plate Top Join

  • HT.B150

    Bow 150mm

  • HT.B350

    Bow 350mm

  • HT.B450

    Bow 450mm

  • HT.B450D

    Bow 450mm DEMO

  • HT.B350D

    Bow 350mm DEMO

  • HT.SS

    Shaft 304 Stainless 2500

  • HT.SL

    Shaft 304 Stainless 2550

  • HT.SSP

    Shaft 304 Stainless (split)

  • HT.PHB

    Pillow Housing and Bearing

  • HT.C6

    6mm Gal Cable (per m)

  • HT.C6WG

    Wire Rope Grips

  • HT.BAS

    Cable Brackets (anti slap)

  • HT.MCC

    Mounting Channel (with bolts)

  • HT.MBB

    Mounting Bracket Front Bow

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