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Rollover Tarps

Side to side opening roll tarps are made in a variety of styles to suit Tippers and Bulk Bins.

The tarps are fixed along one long side usually in a rope track or with a tube and quick release brackets. The roll side fits into a roll pole extrusion. These can be opened and closed manually from ground level with a handle and universal attached to the roll pole.

Hood / Pelmet Style Tarps roll on hoods attached to the bins.

Flap Style Tarps extend past the front and back of the bins.

Hood / Pelmet style tarps can be automated using the 'Razor' Power tarp system.

Tarps are normally made from 900gms PVC fabric in a wide variety of colours. Mesh is available for specific applications.

Parts List / Measurements

Rollover Tarps

Below is a parts listing for our Rollover Tarps range.

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Measurement Downloads

If you aren't sure of your requirements, please download these measuring forms:

  • RO.RP14

    Roll Pole 14.5

  • RO.RP12

    Roll Pole 12

  • RO.ST

    Sail Track

  • RO.PG15

    Pipe Gal 15mmID 2.6mm Wall

  • RO.QRB

    Quick Release Bracket

  • RO.CTH

    Combination Tarp Hook

  • RO.HS

    Handle Assembley (Adjustable)

  • RO.VHE

    Handle Extension to suit 1800 High Bin

  • Handle Chip Bin 2600 High Bin


    Handle Bracket (Large) Drivers side


    Handle Bracket (Small) Passanger side


    Handle Bracket (Small) Drivers side

  • RO.AC

    Assistor Cleat (Stainless)


    Assistor Assembley (stainless spring)

  • RO.AAS

    Assistor Stainless Spring ( Spring Only)

  • RO.UQR

    Universal Quick Release

  • RO.SSS

    Spline Shaft 250mm

  • RO.US

    Universal Standard

  • RO.USS

    Spline Assembley

  • RO.RR

    Rubber Ring

  • RO.FEB

    Flexibow End Brackets

  • RO.FLB


  • RO.AI

    Assistor (Internal)

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